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About Us - Customer First Approach

About Us | Decorator's Delight - Franklin, TN

At Decorator’s Delight, we take a customer first approach to interior design and encourage our clients to express themselves through their various design choices! We offer a full range of colors as well as different schemes for all of the most vital areas of your homestead, including your master bedroom and living room. We believe that decorating should be a “delight,” and so we work to try and bring our clients’ interior design fantasies to life through a variety of different aesthetic and technical approaches!

The walls of your home, when you first arrive, are likely to be as blank and empty as a fresh canvas. With Decorator’s Delight, all the colors and tools are at your disposal to paint whatever picture of domestic tranquility or wealth and power you wish via different décors.

The difference between an amateur artist and a da Vinci or Picasso is, of course, the ability to make daring choices and recognize the raw potential that a blank canvas allows. We’ll work with you through every step of the process, offering everything from consultation regarding color palette to furniture analysis, custom window treatments, blinds, shades, plantation shutters, professional interior designers to guide you on your journey, and more! If you’re looking for home assistance in the Franklin, TN area, contact us today!

Whether you want to fill the walls of your home with bold, Baroque colors, a more raw and rustic theme, an eclectic and eccentric approach, or simply paint a picture of domestic bliss, we’re here to help you make decorating a true delight!