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Blinds - A Work Of Art

Blinds | Decorator's Delight - Franklin, TN

Blinds, shades, and shutters are a vastly overlooked portion of the overall design of a home. These elements may be more understated than the other elements of your home décor, but they’re no less important – in fact, that’s part of the reason they’re so important, and can help your home stand out amongst the others in the Franklin, TN region.

A work of art is a balancing act. From Rembrandt to Picasso, the great artists knew the power contrast between vibrant and muted colors. If everything’s equally-bright in a painting, it can be difficult to spot areas of emphasis, as it all blends together in a blinding bright blur. By using muted colors in some areas, painters and interior designers alike can draw attention to more vibrant areas, making the colors and features of those regions really pop!

As stated, however, this requires something of a balancing act – you want your blinds, shutters and shades to be somewhat understated, but “understated” doesn’t mean “dull” or “boring.”

We can help you in a variety of areas, including:

Blinds - These are a pure necessity in any home. In the same way that every painting needs a border, every room needs a good set of blinds. They function as important accessories for your window while performing that all-important function of limiting the amount of sunlight you choose to have in your home.

Shades - Shades are another important part of your overall home décor. Choosing the right design and pattern can make a real difference in the way your room looks, especially when ambient light hits that pattern!

Plantation Shutters - If you’re looking for something to truly bring out the beauty of the South in a smooth and understated way, there’s no better choice than plantation shutters!

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